Interview Tips for Men: How to Ace That Interview

One of the tips to ace that interview is to get prepared in advance. You need to remember that the interview doesn’t start when you seat in that chair set for you – it starts the moment you step into the company premises.

It is no doubt that job interviews are some of the toughest events you might experience in your life because it opens the doors to your chosen career. You need to be fully prepared before leaving the house. There are several things you ought to do to ace an upcoming interview.

Understand the Job Requirements

On most occasions, you are called for an interview because you applied and you got shortlisted for the interview. Being considered for the job means the prospective employer wants to know whether your resume fits your actual capabilities. This is why it is vital that you review the job requirements beforehand.

Reviewing the requirements gives you an idea of what the prospective employer expects from you. You can use this chance to research on some aspects of the job that you aren’t familiar with. Read everything about the company and the position you are applying for. This way, you make the panelists know that you are interested in the company and the job.

Get the Right Clothes

You need to make sure you impress the interview panel the first time. One way you can do this is by your mode of dressing. Wearing the right clothes conveys a sense of professionalism. Your dressing code will go in line with the kind of job you have applied for.

Make sure you choose the suit the day before the interview. Ensure it is pressed and clean, and your shoes are polished. Go for smart business attire.

However, some jobs might be more laid back than others, and smart attire might not be necessary. Whatever the case, avoid wearing anything that might appear too casual.

The colors matter too. Go for neutral colors that match. Don’t go in too trendy and make sure you don’t wear the colors of the company’s competitor.

Groom for success

Remember you are going for an interview, not an audition. Don’t go to extremes trying to impress the interviewer. Let us look at some of the aspects of grooming you need to take care of.

1. Oral Hygiene

Floss, brush and use mouthwash. Stay away from an onion salad after this step. Well, the interviewer wouldn’t want to be enveloped in foul-smelling air anytime you open your mouth to answer a question

2. Cologne

You should use cologne sparingly. Most interviewers don’t take seriously a candidate that goes overboard with cologne. Hint: apply the cologne to a handkerchief and dab it on your face.

3. Hair

Hair in the wrong places can be unsightly. Nothing is as gross as strands of hair peeping out of your nostrils and ear. Trim these hairs to look neat and organized. Trim those bushy eyebrows as well.

Having a beard is manly, yes, but you need to make sure the beard is neat. Every serious man is expected to own a beard trimmer in his grooming tools. If you don’t have one, visit to know the available options and choose a good trimmer for the task. A good, clean shave is the essence of perfect grooming and makes a huge impact to the prospective employer. A scruffy beard paints you as a slacker, even if you aren’t one.

Practice, Practice and Practice More

One thing that will help you get through that interview is practice. Get online, get common interview questions and practice in front of a mirror or a few friends. Watch your body language and body expressions. Practicing helps you avoid some words that might not go down well with the interviewer.

Know Your Capabilities

Yes, you might have a lot of experience and skills, but which ones match the job you are applying for? You need to sit down and identify the capabilities that will impress the panelists and emphasize on them. Applying this to your resume captures the attention of the employer way before you sit down to answer questions.

Prepare for Salary Negotiations

The employer will definitely ask your salary expectations. Make sure you are prepared for this question. However, you need to know that a job isn’t all about the salary. Additionally, you have to justify to the potential employer that what you offer is worth that salary.

Final Words

Good jobs are hard to come by. Therefore, it pays to make that great impression when you are shortlisted for an interview. 90 percent of human resource managers reveal that being well groomed is top on the list when it comes to making that first impression. Use these tips to stay ahead of the competition and ace that job interview even before answering the questions.